Six Reasons Why I Don’t Believe in Theistic Evolution

QUESTION My daughter is a junior in High School. She asked me last night if I could help her with a paper she was writing on Theistic evolution. Her teacher, who is a Christian, had suggested that Genesis is figurative and the writers of the Bible were using symbolic language to accommodate the understanding of…

You Are Under Surveillance

Almost everywhere we go these days we are being videotaped. Cameras on red lights monitor traffic, cameras in department stores scan for shoplifters, policemen with body cams track their daily encounters. Many businesses and residences are equipped with cameras both inside and out to dissuade thieves or to guard children at play. Bystanders with iPhones…

ASK BOB: Should My Child Miss Church to Play Sports?

“Sorry Preacher, but we won’t be in church services the next few weeks.  Our son is on a traveling team and has games scheduled on Sundays.  We hate to miss church so much, but we really can’t help it.  I wish they didn’t schedule games on Sunday but that’s the way it is.” Preachers from…

Associate Minister’s Gathering

November 5-8, 2017

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Encouraging, Equipping and 

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