ASK BOB: What’s wrong with ‘The Shack’?

Occasionally people ask my opinion on various personal or church issues. I recently received the following question which I have reprinted below, followed by my response. QUESTION Dear Bob, “What is your opinion of the new movie, The Shack?” MY ANSWER Over the past decade, I’ve often been asked about the controversial book, The Shack….

Seven Characteristics of a Lazy Person

Years ago I heard Charles Swindoll preach a sermon on “The Characteristics of a Lazy Man” from the book of Proverbs. I took quick, scratchy notes and have occasionally used and expanded on the principles Dr. Swindoll shared that day. I’ve reworked them to the point that now I can’t remember which ones originated with…

What’s Fun About Being a Grandparent?

I was never very close to my grandparents. They lived a considerable distance away, and I very seldom got to see them. I respected them, but regret they were not an integral part of my life growing up. Years later, as a young preacher when I witnessed new grandparents lose all sense of reason and…

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November 5-8, 2017

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